.. Of red little chambers

red chambers.jpg

If you meet me as a star,
I shall find my love’s ‘Qibla’ in you.
If you meet me as an ‘Azan‘,
I shall press my forehead to your feet.
If you meet me as a ‘Dua‘,
I shall raise your name to the night sky.
O’ Enchanting one!
Must you meet me in hundred disguises,
know that I have already met you —
a thousand times —
in a dark little chamber..
.. of my red little heart.


~ IZ ~


* Qibla – direction of sacred Ka’bah in Macca towards which muslims face to pray. Azan – the rhythmic prayer call of muslims. Dua – prayer. 


17 thoughts on “.. Of red little chambers

  1. Where do I begin? There is beauty that can be described, but there is another beauty that is made only less by any attempt to define… This is that 💟 and you the painter with colors we need not see to know!!!

    1. Oh Bobbie.. It feels like home Now! *smiles*

      And what more can I do, than stand still and smile, when your beautiful self enter my humble ‘dwelling’… This color, this art.. You always get it.. Always. Thank you!

    1. Khoshamdeed, Sameera. I welcome you to my little abode. Lovely that we discovered each other’s ink. *smiles*

      And, your words here have touched me deeply. It is always a beautiful feeling to discover somebody who could relate to the words we weave with the veins of our hearts. I thank your kind words with a bowed head.


    1. You, my dear Sir, are too kind! But, I shall gather all your generous words in my palms, gratefully, and offer them a smile.

      Indeed! Lovely to have crossed paths. And thank you! I too wish you blessed times ahead, Kunal.

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