.. Of rooms without homes

Shall I now awaken the slumbering melodies
on the dusty keys of my old piano?
They have lost their memories of dance.
Just like I have left somewhere,
and misplaced the whereabouts of my life.
You see, sometimes Lyrics too are amnesic.
But, there is a corner in my house,
where sits a ‘lonesome room’,
which has never seen a ‘home’ before.
And every dawn,
just before the ‘Azan’ punches a hole
in the night sky,
I walk into that room and console it —
telling stories of how Music once had memories,
.. and how that forsaken piano —
pushed into a cold corner of hers
used to play soulful symphonies
of two lovers,
who once saw in her,
their “Only Home”.


~ IZ ~


* Azan – the rhythmic prayer call of muslims. 


15 thoughts on “.. Of rooms without homes

  1. Brilliant poetry. Love the flow, word choice and the personification of that room – consoling its lonesomeness. Thank you, for stumbling upon my poetry so that I could meet yours.

    1. What a delight to welcome “poetry” itself to my simple abode. *smiles*

      And Thank You, for taking the time to come by for a stroll. Yours are the very first words that echoed in this box, since inception of this journey, anew. I am humbled..

      And, my abode has no doors. Dawn or dusk or in-between, come by whenever.

    1. Lost my caravan. Time took me far.. Lifetimes had passed in this one brief life. But, dear Dulcinea, a full resurrection happens each time a familiar face of an old ‘fellow traveller’ come visiting, like you just did.

      Thank You! I am so grateful that you took the time to come by and sit for a while.. Let your kind eyes and my smile converse, my friend.


  2. This is so beautiful and poignant, Yes sometimes our lyrics are also amnesiac like our memories.I loved the word play the emotion this poem portrays. Thanks for reading my poems and commenting on them too. Much appreciated.

    1. First things first — a warm welcome to my simple abode, Megha. *smiles*

      Oh it’s always a pleasure to come across someone who could fully fathom the ‘voids’ between words and lines.. You captured them well. And I am glad we discovered each other’s spaces.

      Your time here is as valued, Megha. Badi nawazish.. *smiles*

      Have a beautiful weekend ahead.

    1. Such a lovely comment, K. I am delighted and humbled to know that you enjoyed my meek verse.

      Aah.. Only with the ‘ears of the heart’ can one hear the music inbetween words and their pauses. Please know that I am sitting here, smiling *smiles*

      And, I welcome the footprints of your ‘old soul’ to my simple abode!

      1. thank you immensely for the welcome! i already feel at home in the warmth of your writing and the kindness of your comments. please, continue brightening the world with your beautiful writing, my fellow old soul! xx

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