.. Of moons and moans

moons copy.jpg
Do not ask me to speak.
For if I do,
the moon would fall from my mouth,
and spill your name
across the vast silent sky.
Away from the Universe
I had kept secretly,
a hidden galaxy beneath my tongue —
a galaxy that tastes like
and crisp pomegranate.

Every evening
as I lay myself in bed,
I carefully run my fingers over my skin —
to hush its silent moans.
For if it speaks,
a starry night
would stretch across my entire body,
and shout out your name to the world —
in thousand burning breaths,
which you had left carefully..
.. on the width and breadth
of my ruby-red soul.


~ IZ ~


7 thoughts on “.. Of moons and moans

    1. Aah what a delight to receive such words from a fine fine poet. A mere ‘thank you’ cannot suffice how honored I feel.

      Am glad to have come across a ‘moon-sharer’. Indeed, the mystic moon deserves much glorification.. Well, I shall certainly come by to explore the milleus of your ‘dedicated space’.

      And.. Welcome to my simple abode, Shantanu. Do come by whenever you wish. *smiles*

  1. I love the vivid imagination involved in this poem. I loved ‘the moon would fall from my mouth’ and ‘a hidden galaxy beneath my tongue’ lines. Great job!

    1. So wonderful to know that you relished the piece, Neha.

      Ah, we as ‘fiddlers of words’ often find ourselves transforming realities into imagination, between blurred boundaries. No? *smiles*

      Thank you for visiting. Please do come by again.

  2. You are the universe and lucky the astronomer who gets to watch your stars come to life at night and moon rise within your soul.

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