.. Of us, two handwritten Love-letters

We were
two Handwritten-Love-Letters,
in a world
of cold toneless screens.
As soon as
our fingertips bled ‘lovable words’
on smooth shimmering glass;
our meanings shattered ..
.. and we fell —
stuck to the sharp edges
of cut letters —
back into our own creased envelopes.
Little by little,
the splinters slashed our paper.
Little by little,
their edges tore us into shards.
with stamps without seals
with addresses without roads;
‘Qismet’ knew not
where to deliver us.
a pair of
Love-Letters we remain
.. forever forgotten..
in the abandoned old mail-sack
of Life’s only Postman.
~ IZ ~

8 thoughts on “.. Of us, two handwritten Love-letters

    1. And such a bliss to know that you fathomed the ‘pulses’ between the lines and layers. I am truly humbled by your words. Thank you so much for coming by for a stroll, Shantanu.

  1. Sigh… I’ve read this several times since discovering your blog. How many of us find love in the digital world only to to realize it isn’t possible because we remain in unsent, sealed envelopes? When it comes to love we are our own mail carriers. This is such a beautiful piece of poetry detailing a struggle that i can relate to. Hope you are well, SF. Sending warm wishes for peace, love and good health your way. 🙂 ❤

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