Architecture of a Memory

red vault of heart.jpg
Each corridor of my mind
leads to the grand Foyer of the Heart,
where no entrances
nor exits are found.
In its magnificent high vault —
decorated in stained red glass;
is a mural etched on gold..
of a dust covered Paradise.
In which the Architect of my memories
had forgotten, 
to sketch and build
the only gateway to my salvation.
And I keep walking in circles;
between my Mind and my Heart —
trapped in this divine mansion —
without a map or an astrolabe,
to lead me ..
.. out of my memories’ dilapidated Hell.
~ IZ ~

6 thoughts on “Architecture of a Memory

    1. So wonderful to know that you relished it, P! Thank you so for coming by.

      And, it brought me a smile to find out that, while I was leaving my thoughts on you brilliant poem, you were here leaving your kind words. *smiles*

      1. You are kindly welcome SF. It’s always a pleasure to read your beautiful poetry. And, yes, it’s quite the coincidence… or is it? 🙂 🙂

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