.. Of Yards of Soul


Measuring yards of Life
coming apart,
at the seams of my creviced soul,
I sit every dawn with a needle and thread it,
with the veins of my spinning heart. Stitching with knotted yarn.
Sewing on fragile fabric;
I raise my eyes in-between every stitch; 
and spy on the night
to count each conspiring star.


Like the studded clear-crystals
on my black velvet Prayer-Mat —
every shuddering star
upon the ‘Fajr’ sky,
stare back at me and pity my eyes.
Only to deliver
to the listening ears of His firmament,
my mute sighs ..
Of how frayed
the garb of life has become.
Of how loose
the thread at its seams have grown..
So He may bestow upon my soul
His ‘Noor’ —
in the form of a white veil,
a cloak,
a wrap,
.. or even a shroud,
just thick enough..
to contain these oozing breaths —
whispering your name in silence —
from fleeing
through my old tattered being!

~ IZ ~

* Fajr – time of dawn. * Noor –  light.


14 thoughts on “.. Of Yards of Soul

    1. O beautiful one.. You you.. Thank you so much for seeing beauty in my tapestry, Rekha (uff, yes, still) *laughs*

      Well, somebody who finds beauty in tiny weeds and keeps a seperate pot for them is the epitome of beauty in my eyes ♥️

  1. Beautiful poetry, SF. The quiet prayers of a soul in desperate need to hold on to something that continues to bleed through those widening gaps in the fabric. I love the way you use needle and thread. May time and the light of love heal us all.

    1. Needless to say how well you delve into what I try hard to hide between the depths of my letters.. Oh P, am so humbled and grateful that you came by to sit here, — to fathom these ‘laments of a past lifetime’.

      Indeed, may Light and solace fill the crevices.

      1. I love your poetry and try to capture each thought as they are written. You write so well that it’s impossible to not delve. It was my pleasure to spend time here, SF. 🙂

      2. *blush*

        Normally I’ll always have something or the other to say. But, P, with your kind words, you have left me speechless. Thus, I think I’d just close my lips and blush for a long while. ☺️


  2. absolutely enlightening. i feel the emotion in this piece through your descriptive language….”the veins of my spinning heart” truly creates a beautiful picture of the sentiments that fill your prayerful contemplations xx

    1. Such a beautiful comment, dear K! Thank you so much for feeling the ‘silent emotions’ beneath my words. Your compassionate heart and old soul are reflected through thoughtful words.

      Always a joy to have your presence here. xx

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