16 thoughts on “‘Eid’ Moon

  1. A melted snowflake between your open wings… a loving heart to pluck the thorns from another… sing a thousand songs… these are gifts worth receiving, just as the gift of your voice reciting these words. Beautiful poetry and bravo with the recitation. I also enjoyed the music immensely. Awesome, SF 🙂

    1. The phrases you picked, P, are the ones which drew most ‘blood’ from my pen to write. At the same time, took ‘lifetimes’ to speak.

      Am so grateful for your presence here — you understand and capture the essence of my words so perfectly.

      Well, most of the poetry I share here are from ‘another lifetime’, when the crevices were dark, and asunder.

      I’m so very glad that you liked the recitation. *blushes again*

      1. You are kindly welcome, SF. As poets we have the power to write from any lifetime, perhaps even those we are still only aware of in dreams and moments of deja vu. I love your poetry and it was a wonderful treat to hear you recite this piece.

        Hope you are having a beautiful week. 🙂

    1. Namaste, Yagnesh Ji. It’s always a pleasure to see new footprints here. Humari choti si duniya mein aap ko bohot swagat!

      And, thank you so much for finding beauty in my humble offering here. 🙏

    1. Your kind words have touched the very core of my heart, into which I dipped the nib of my pen to make this ‘promise.

      Please know that your presence and words have brought much joy to my simple abode. Thank you so much! I’m truly glad you relished the it.

    1. Haww, how did I miss this sweet comment? Glad you liked it, Kunal. So happy that you took the time to listen.. Nawazish!

      And it gives me double pleasure to see two fine gentlemen praising my humble work. The Thakores. *curtsy*

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