.. Of Paper Boats and ‘Salty Waters’


Now that you are here,
let’s make a journey together.
Do not speak, do not move,
.. and do not close your eyes.
Let’s pretend
this paper is a boat,
and this poem a sail.
Let’s pretend
these words are winds,
and their meaning a compass.
Let’s pretend that
this moment is an island —
and our “silence” its only route.
Must you ask
about the missing ocean,
come sit by me for a while —
have a look into my eyes.
So you may begin
your journey from there,
.. where “salty waters” roll
Now that you are here,
let’s make this journey for once.


~ IZ ~



21 thoughts on “.. Of Paper Boats and ‘Salty Waters’

  1. I am so enamoured with this, SF, especially the sentiment and the use of metaphors. Your poetry is a fine wine, aged to perfection, meant to be slowly savoured. Let’s pretend your poem is a path and I a traveler who will enjoy the journey again and again. 🙂

    1. Ahaa. In that case, my dear P, shall we make that journey sooner — between our ‘midnight sun’ — I shall make you sip from your own poetry, and see that mine is nothing even closer to your fine wine. Yours is rare find. À votre santé! 🙂

      1. Ah, my dear SF, you are far too kind. I am but a simple scribbler, dabbling in poetry but I am humbled by your words. Thank you. Salute, cara poetessa. 🙂

    1. Oh sweet one.. I thought we lost you. But, so good to see you back. And thank you so much for this lovely comment that’s as lovely as you. Hope you’re smiling, dear Sameera x

      1. Sorry for the trouble IZ.😐 There are moments when I don’t feel like socializing and prefer being isolated, sometimes this depression thing just kills me deep down. I wanted to be here as well, I missed your poetry. Now I am doing well and my ink is back.❤️
        Thank you so much!🍒

      2. Aw, no need to apologise at all, sweet one! I can fully understand what you mean.. Indeed, the claws of depression are such. Dear Sameera, I hope you find light to come away from it. I can fathom how hard and tough it would be — still.. still I hope with all my heart, that you heal from it soon. Insha’allah. And, if there’s anything I can do for you, please know I am here. Sometimes in life a stranger can be easy to ‘shed with’ than ‘apno’. We have no space to judge.

        Just know that you may leave and return anytime; just as you wish. My ‘home’ is always open for you. But, please be safe when you are ‘away’. xx

  2. Oh Kunal… How is it that I keep missing your soft footprints here, again and again? I’m sorry for not seeing this earlier. So glad I noticed today..

    I’m truly sorry to hear that your journey has been difficult lately, but rest assured, dost, the waters shall roll and pass — making us to remember only the memory of ‘salt’. Difficult journeys always makes our ‘hulls’ stronger. Just remember.. “Bu da gacer ya hu!” This too shall pass.

    And thank You! For taking the time to read my work. Be safe.

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