.. of you and I

“You and I,

two wayfaring travelers here —

both, lead by the scent of the Same Ink.”

Dear passersby.

In this ‘Caravan of Words’, You and I meet half-way — so we may remember our sojourn. Some, as brief as a breath. Some as long as a lifetime. And as the journey ‘Safar’ continues amidst sunken oasis, hidden wells and blooming cacti — we move — exchanging rosewater, musk, jasmine, and a few gibbous moons.

Through these terrains I welcome you to my simple abode — so that you may leave behind a footprint or two, during these meetings of our minds.

Here I bare facets of my Soul, which I otherwise conceal in my roles as an Architect, Professional Photographer, Cultural heritage Conserver.. And, a Traveling Storyteller — of things we deliberately remember to forget.


– Silent Fingers {Ishtar Zikr}


8 thoughts on “.. of you and I

    1. Salaam, Namaste. I take much pleasure in this meeting, Kunal! And a delight to know that you relished my humble work, as I do yours, but only more. *smiles*

      Welcome, to my Safar!

  1. Oh wow –
    led by the scent of the same ink – how d’you write like that ?
    Hey was wondering if you have a quote of your own for my new page,
    i’d host also, link back here. If this sounds ok, do say?

    I love your Name Silent Fingers, but then the words are like a song!
    Would also love to share one of your poems on my Lyrix&Life, with a reply poem from me –
    if that’s good at all, say ?

    so many ideas, haha. Feeling creative. Stay blest

    1. Oh and.. A quote page sounds wonderful. Oh am terrible with ‘wise thoughts’. But if my Silent Fingers come up with a quotable one, shall definitely share my two-pence. And many thanks for inviting. Hugs.

  2. Hmm how do I write like that? I have no clue about writing, my dear. I simply cut open a trembling vein and let it bleed on paper. The rest is ‘the kind love’ with which the readers read it. Thus, all commendations to you! all. *smiles*

    Oh Ray, why even ask? You may take anything from this ‘humble home’ of mine. I am most honored to be given the opportunity to share on Lyrix&Life. Its an amazing endeavour of yours! Now I cannot wait to see how you ‘extend’ my ‘blood’ with yours. Lijiye, ab toh humare bache bhi hogaye *laughs*

    R, I have always adored your ink and the power behind it! Let the creativity flow further and freely. Dance with your pen and brushes! Rest of us shall simply sit back and enjoy your brilliant mind and resilient soul! ♥️

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