.. Of rooms without homes

Shall I now awaken the slumbering melodies
on the dusty keys of my old piano?
They have lost their memories of dance.
Just like I have left somewhere,
and misplaced the whereabouts of my life.
You see, sometimes Lyrics too are amnesic.
But, there is a corner in my house,
where sits a ‘lonesome room’,
which has never seen a ‘home’ before.
And every dawn,
just before the ‘Azan’ punches a hole
in the night sky,
I walk into that room and console it —
telling stories of how Music once had memories,
.. and how that forsaken piano —
pushed into a cold corner of hers
used to play soulful symphonies
of two lovers,
who once saw in her,
their “Only Home”.


~ IZ ~


* Azan – the rhythmic prayer call of muslims. 


.. Of red little chambers

red chambers.jpg

If you meet me as a star,
I shall find my love’s ‘Qibla’ in you.
If you meet me as an ‘Azan‘,
I shall press my forehead to your feet.
If you meet me as a ‘Dua‘,
I shall raise your name to the night sky.
O’ Enchanting one!
Must you meet me in hundred disguises,
know that I have already met you —
a thousand times —
in a dark little chamber..
.. of my red little heart.


~ IZ ~


* Qibla – direction of sacred Ka’bah in Macca towards which muslims face to pray. Azan – the rhythmic prayer call of muslims. Dua – prayer.