Laments of a Reed-flute..

Steal me from the reed field!
Pierce me
and leave me to die in your soul..
.. until I breathe again.
Breathe again,
between the cups of your hands
.. like a prayer.
Breathe again,
beneath the sole of your feet
.. like a whirl.
Put me to your lips O’ Beloved!
Put me to your lips,
and give me life again!
Play me into songs,
caged within your mute heart.
Sing me into chants,
born amidst your loud tears.
Let me show you..
what a simple reed flute can do.
And let me tell you..
what a piece of dry wood can be.
Sit with me in this barren field,
where you had me plucked
from my silent dance once.
Raise me in your eyes!
O’ raise me in your eyes now,
and let me bring both worlds to you.
So I may shed
the garb of The Lover
and whirl..
.. whirl like a Sufi dervish
in this “mad mad trance”.
O’ come!
Before the splendor
of my songs are lost, come!
Come blow a breath
of your soundless soul into mine
.. and let this ‘Ney’ be the one for you.
Yes! Yes!
The one to raise you
in your final ‘Sema’.
The one to raise you
to your final ‘Fana’.
O’ Beloved, come!
Come put me to your lips now,
and give me my Life again.


~ IZ ~


*Sufi: a Muslim ascetic or mystic (Sufism) — *Ney: an end blown flute made of hollow reed or cane, commonly played in Sufi ceremonies (often in Turkey — *Sema: a special ceremony performed by Sufi dervishes “in remembrance of God”, comprised of music and, often through whirling. — *Fana: the ultimate state of self-annihilation (Sufism)