.. Of ‘Bait bazi’ of Life

And we sat one last time.
Face to face,
in the ‘Mehfil’ of Life.
You, drunk;
from the red chalices
of your many lovers.
And I,
by the hemlock
of death’s black kiss.
In your presence
candles burned..
moths burned..
.. I burned too.
Verse after verse,
I read out to you.

in my delirium to learn about you,
I had byhearted
the alphabet of God,
.. and made dictionaries out of you!
Time moved slowly —
night passed..
dreams passed..
.. we passed too.
Verse after verse,
I won from you.
Until the final turn came unto you!
And I missed….
I missed out on the letter L,
which you plunged to grab
like an eagle;
nearly singing out your winning word —
” L I F E !”
..   s o k o o t   ..


And I?
I sat with my lips pursed tight.
Rolling beneath my tongue my words —
“Loneliness..    Longing..    Love..”
Brava, my love, my fine Poet!
You rhymed well.
You chose well.
After all, in the final Baithbazi of our Life,
You have finally won!
You have finally won!
~ IZ ~


* Bait Bazi – an Urdu verbal game of reciting poetry by two opponents, in which the last letter of the last verse is given to the opponent to begin his next verse with.

* Mehfil – evenings of courtly entertainment, especially where poetry or classical music is performed in an intimate setting for a small audience. 

* Sokoot – silence in Farsi / Persian