.. Of wine and cemeteries

 in my grave
There’s a wine I had drunk without you;
lying between two tombstones in my cemetery.
This weight of soil,
pinning my body to the earth
like an anchor on a sea-bed
has now become my sojourning Tavern.
I sit with Ghalib and drink all night.
I lament with Rumi and whirl till dawn.
Each time I see your face;
shuddering and shivering
through the empty night sky,
I fly to you…
I fly to you, like a drunken kite —
swaying from side to side.
even with my clay tethered to the ground,
I am still drawn to you,
.. like an anvil to iron
.. like an ebb tide to moon.
~ IZ ~


* Ghalib: eighteenth century, popular Urdu poet. Rumi: thirteenth century famous poet and Sufi mystic.